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Las Vegas Chinese Newspaper Article 11/18/11

Future Sticks Easy to Carry, a Revolutionary Invention
Reporter Mary Lin / Interview News Reporting

Mr. Ben Doherty, the Turtle Creek Club, Inc. Organizer, held a Money Tour market opportunity presentation in a restaurant in the Fashion Show Mall. Mr. Greg Resnick, the CEO/Chairman of the Future Sticks Inc., was invited to introduce his new design of the Chopsticks. The pair of chopsticks is light and easy to use and can pick up the food easily. The quality of Future Sticks endures high heat up to 350 degree Fahrenheit and are easy to carry. It could be the revolutionary invention of future Chinese Chopsticks.


新聞日期: 2011/11/18

美國烏龜小河俱樂部The Turtle Creek Club的負責人Mr. Ben Doherty,舉行金錢旅行(Money Tour)市場說明會,在Fashion Show Mall 的義大利餐廳召開,此次邀請福筷有限公司( Future Sticks) 的董事長歌瑞格. 瑞士尼克(Mr. GREG RESNICK) CEO/Chairman.  介紹自己 設計的筷子。這雙筷子輕巧彈性且很好夾菜,可以永保質量和健康的使用,它的耐熱度達350度,攜帶方便,可能是未來中國筷子的革命性 的新發明。