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Better With Teeth



Sharkie lost all of his teeth while chomping down on a boulder that was shaped like a salmon. Marty the Monster suffered from too many cavities after stealing candy from the homes of the children he scared.  Laura lost her biters in a sword swallowing act gone terribly wrong.

The three found each other in a support group for toothless terrors and became immediate friends. Soon after their new found friendship  emerged they found out about Future Sticks, the chop sticks with teeth. Even without their own set of chompers they can scarf down any food they wanted with Future Sticks.

Sharkie can grab guppies with ease,  Marty snatches even the smallest snacks, and Laura picks up pieces of pork with no problem.

Now they can go back to their day jobs without being embarrassed, because they know they have their very own set of teeth right in their pocket.